The Heresy Burners

The return of the Coscarla Burners

from the depths of Imperium...

The hive world Scintilla finds itself yet again in danger. The mad bourgeois scoundrel defies the sacred law of the Imperium, and spits in the face of the Holy Ordos.

This will not stand.

The hum and rattle of the giant space propelled cathedral ship fills the higher atmosphere with righteous fire. The white painted dreaded sign of RIM JOB appears for all to see. They have returned from the world of Dusk! From the Ice station of Mara and its unspeakable heresy!

Ulth the Skull.
Baron Von Niederhosen.
All in the Chimera battle tank.
Dropped from a flying aero-plane.
Shattering the glass roof of the abandoned church.
Destroying the opposing heresy with fire and bolt and las and sword !
Discovering the heretical mausoleum deep beneath the mansion.

They are back.
About Fucking Time.


Flo, sredi updejte, ovo je kriminal.

The return of the Coscarla Burners
Gogor Phiber

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