The Heresy Burners

The Hounted Manor

No fear is known to him, whose Faith is just.

Joining up with the new team mates, the Burners of Coscarla head for the mansion at the Barspapine’s coast – a haunted ruin of a manor placed directly on the coast line. Once a great treasure and a polished diamond of wealth, the Hekate manor now lies in disuse and dust. It is rumored that there are evil spirits and warp infused deviltries inside, and none of the locals dare venture within. But the Inquisitors dare. They dare and they must!

Severina and Cixx stay behind, securing the parameter on the tank placed just before the entrance to the Hematite Cathedral Manor, and Cogs, Baron, Skull and Zuriel boldly penetrate the dark manor. All is dark. signs and portents of ruin hang over walls mingled with dust. An ancient chrono with a mysterious lock chimes each passing quarter.

First surprise comes from the hidden door beneath the vast oven, hidden away in the skulleria. They descend into an abominable laboratory, filled with unholy and heretical experiments on human bodies, grafting, twisting, deforming the human form into grotesque nightmares. And the doctor is still in!

But it is just a ghost, a warp apparition of his once true self, twisted and deformed by the malignant warp infusion of the manor. herr. dr. Gustavus Hekate is furious at the intruders, but the inquisitor’s mind is a powerful weapon! They trick his weak spirit into giving away the information they need and he provides them with answers and a one part of the three part key.

There are more entities here, claims Zuriel, and gathering malignantly behind the large door to the left. Baron quickly removes any such heretical insurgence with the help of a well placed explosive device. The scattered mutated remaining bodies show them to be nothing but wretched results of doctor Gustavus experiments. But above these rooms….


Above these rooms, there is a planetarium. And within it, ghost of the astronomer rogue trader monsieur Koronath Hekate resides. To get more information and the second part of the key, he challenges inquisitors to a battle of wits – which unites their sharp minds as they overcame the puzzling riddles thrust upon them. He gives them the key, before dissipating to nothingness, and warns them that their next challenge might prove to be the hardest.

His little sister Nikaeia Hekate awaits.



The Hounted Manor
Gogor Gogor

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