The Heresy Burners

The Hematite Cathedral

There is no end to His reach, nor to His mercy.

Filing a report on the findings and encounters they have had on Sybellus, Inquisitorial squad gets a quick reply. It would seem that the forever damned noble Bugarin has acquired the heretical collection with the help of a trading post based on the planet Barspapine, home to the Hekate rogue-traders-turn-nobility. Intergalactic Rim Job turns to that direction and stedies it’s course. Soon they arrive at the unwitting agri-world, a place of great beauty and naivety, home to the Gilded Cathedral Ecclerstachy University and Librarium .

The crowds gather to cheer as the colossal Rim Job appear in the sky, to gently flow down between the gentle slopes of the virgin hills of Barspapine.

A celebration is held with all courtesy and joy in the name of the Emperor and His chosen, coming here to save these people from the darkness of heresy and filth.

But not all here frolic in joyous dance. Two dark appearances come forth to the ship. One, a pale perplexed woman with branded skull, a imperial-sanctioned psycher.


The other, a female figure cast in dark and slick body glove armor of the assassinorum, a grim mask hiding her facade. These are Severina and Cixx, here to join the ranks of the Inquisitors.


But the joyous dance is brought to a painfull scream and stop. Oh , no! A band of heretic terrorist mutant villain scum start slashing and mutilating all bystanders, spreading chaos and fear. Among them , a psycher chaos filth – witch, adorned with dozens of feathers piercing it’s skin.

They advance in attack, hoping to wreck havoc upon the people of Barspapine.

They picked a wrong place,
a wrong time,
and definitely,
the worst and toughest servants of the Emperor to f*ck with.

In 5 minutes time, there’s not even enough of heretic scum left to gather for a forensic jar.


Gogor Gogor

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