The Heresy Burners

The Death from Above

Only True Way is Forward.

Inquisitorial squad “Burners of Coscarla” are summoned again, this time in the heart of the Scintilla sector. Their handler, medicae high lord inquisitor Sand points them to the world of Sybellus – a sign of malignant heresy has taken root. A degenerate nobleman by the name of Bugarin fancied himself a horrid idea. To make himself “the most lethal hunter”, he has procured and grafted a curious object on his own body.

Our squad departs immediately, soon uniting with the local arbitres strike force and scanning the Bugarin estate.

Tactical calculations are made by inq. Kruger, and the best approach is conceived. Tank drop through the Bugarin roof, then employ inq. Baron’s intimidation speech. The plan works like a charm.

Inq. Cogs scans the parameter, and reports back to inq. Zuriel on ship, their “eye in the sky”. They all proceed through the halls carefully, sabotaging the gun servitors and quickly interrogating the surviving house servants. Soon they learn that the mad noble locked himself in his private menagerie, accompanied by his beasts.

Here, Bugarin is making his last stand against the arbitres. The inquisitor squad take this opportunity to sneak up behind this vile fiend and surround him and kill his murderous crocohyena pets. When Bugarin the Mad turns to his behind, it is much to late. The long hand of the Emperor has got him. And his damned daemon grafted hand.


Heresy is stopped, heretical limb cut off, and placed in a cryo chamber. Doing the secondary sweep, our heroes find a hidden basement, filled with heretical filth and debased trophies of forbidden wickedness.

Among them, lies a sniper rifle of their lost comrade, Bolo.

From where had this heresy come from?
Why is it manifesting now?
So many questions fill their hardened souls….


Gogor Gogor

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