The Heresy Burners

Edge of Darkness
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Ask not why, just do the Emperor’s will.

In the hives of the Scintilla, a new section of the Inquisition sleeper cell is activated. Three new agents, adepts of the inquisition, quietly make their path forward to the debriefing center hidden in the underbelly of this hive world.

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The Inquisitive Interrogator Sand of the Medicae Imperialis divulges a grievous matter of heresy: on the underlevel of Scintilla, an industrial region Coscarla, there has been a discovery of a gruesomely desecrated body. Destroyed by the heretical implants and chirurgery. Now it is up to Baron, Bolo and Ulth to discover the trail of heresy, provide evidence and return with proof. They are posing as the under-cover operation, masked by the “Coblast Assay mercenaries” false credentials.

Boldly, they join ranks and hurry forward to the jaded level of Coscarla, once a thriving chem industry level, now nothing more then slums and remnants, haunted by the poor, homeless, scum and narco-gangs. The only peculiarity is the immaculate Arbitrator force that holds the grip of terror on the down-throdden comunity. But in the night, something more sinister stirs still…

They follow the first clue: investigating the home of the desecrated body that was once Saul Arbest, a menial task jobber. In his quarters, they find his grieving sister Lilly, who explains the conditions of his disappearance. She warns them again against venturing into the streets in the night, for the streets are filled with unnamable horrors.

The clues lead up to the local Templum, where they meet an ancient blind cleric Fayban, who helps them to find Evard Zed, the last known acquaintance to the deceased Saul. He speaks of a terrible fate that struck down his friend, and again, the night, the night filled with nightmares.

Baron boldly decides that the best way to solve this heretical puzzle is to jump into the fire: the squad assumes the tactical positioning around the templum, and waits for the first dark. And in the night, they come. Creeping silently. Red eyes glowing in the night, slithering things once human. With unnerving graceful movements they slither ever closer, to the ready las rifle and sharp blade of Ulth the Skull.

The blast of fire tears away the night in the streets of Coscarla.
Steel meets flesh. The burning starts.


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