Type: Ground Vehicle
Size: Enormous
Armour: Front 25, Hull 25, Rear 15
Traits: All Terrain, Amphibious
Narrative Speed: 35 kmph/55 kmph
Combat Speed: 5/20/40/60/80
Handling Modifier: +0 Drive (Ground Vehicles)

Forward hull mounted Heavy Flamer
Range: 30m
RoF: S/-/-
Damage: 1d10+8E
Penetration: 5
Clip: 10
Reload: 2 Full
Special: Flame, Spray

Turret mounted Inferno Cannon
Range: 50m
RoF: S/-/-
Damage: 2d10+10E
Penetration: 8
Clip: 10
Reload: 4 Full
Special: Flame, Spray, Cannot be fired from moving vehicle

Turret pintle mounted Storm Bolter
Range: 120m
RoF: //10
Damage: 2d10X
Penetration: 5
Clip: 60
Reload: 2 Full
Special: Can be used for Overwatch

Crew: 1 Commander, 1 Driver/Gunner, 1 Gunner
Passengers: 6 (on top)
Access Points: Top hatch
Accessories: Camo Netting, Improved Armour, Improved Comms, Dozer Blade, Searchlight, Smoke Dischargers, Speakers, Track Guards

Mars-pattern Hellhound painted matte black with engraved golden Inquisitional sigils on the sides. On front armor slope there is a red inscription “Burners of Coscarla”. There are also red “skull” symbols painted on the turret sides as well as number of protection sigils and lithany-scrolls being attached on various spots on vehicle body.



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