Baron Von Niederhosen

Cleric from Heresy Burners, chosen leader of the team!



“Citizens of <insert>, fall down or fall forever” – usually said over vox-caster, with Master Orator perk
“Nuts? Where did she get nuts on this world? Heresy!” – Hits the girl in the nose
“Dodge this!” – Point blank Inferno pistol shot
“What are you looking at, boy?”
“About fucking time!” – before any drop
“Why oh why did we get sent to this shithole?” – Almost every mission start
“I think that Inquisitor Sand is a heretic.”
“Fire!” “Fire what?” “EVERYTHING!”
“Can we call for the Exterminatus?”
“How powerful is this tac nuke?”
“Do I need to be a dreadnought to carry that cannon?”

Baron Von Niederhosen

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