The Heresy Burners

This frozen hell

Following the military action on Sinophia magna, our Inquisitor team rises in rank and are transfered into another branch of Holy ordos of the Inquisition. Their new overseer is Inquisitor Silas Marr, major mastermind and general to militant branch called the Calixian Conclave of the Most Holy Inquisition. The new mission brings them to th icy world of Mara, a dark kept secrect ivolving the (now apptly named) “Haarlock Legacy” investigation.


Accompaning them are a squad of highly trained Maccabi Janissaries imperial soldiers and a Tech priest by the name of Brother Lycos. But, even after the carefull planing and preparing for the planetfall, the heretical assault squad manages to shoot their transport out of the sky. The troops scatter and assume a tactical position, engaging the enemy and bringing the flame of the holy Inquisition to the heretics!

From beyond


Gogor Gogor

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