The Heresy Burners

The Red Cages

By the Emperors light be judged and purified.

After the last mission, the Coscarla Burners are sent to Inquisitorial questioning and trial, in which they prove the rigteosness of their actions. Interrogator Sand passes his judgment and sees them fit for yet another dangerous mission.

They are sent over to the planet Quaddis, a peculiar and desolate part of the Imperium, owned by the wealthy rogue traders and naval high command. Their mission, which they graciously accepted, is to find and extract a brother Inquisitor, who went missing. They are sent there in cryo-pods.
Yet in the depth of space, things go askew.


Acolytes see it first when they wake up in the blood and urine soaked sands of a battlepit. Naked and confusad, they percieve a masked man watching them below. Second before the savage beasts come to feast on their flesh, the man in a heron mask vanishes, leaving them to their fate.

By the strength of their bare arms and sharp wits, and daring use of the psychana powers, they manage to escape the vast underground battle pit and explore the massive underground maze of slaughter houses, torture chambers and heretek laboratories. This den of heresy is oranized by a man in the Jackal Mask, a criminal by the name of Marcus Vulpa – famous for his organisation of blood sports and carnage entertainment for the masses of Xicarph, the main space port of Quaddis.

The team are almost found and assaulted, yet they succesfully hide in the makeshift medica wing, where they find a tortured lump of dismembered body, which once was their extraction mission brother Inquisitor. Before his death, he tells them of their surroundings and the grave peril this planet is in. Conspiracy laced to mistery in connection with the dark heretical ritual must be stopped for the sake of their very lives and the furute of the Imperium. Their only clue is the “white scholar” who is hiding above them, somewhere in the streets of Xicarph.

Bravely and boldly they go on.
And also, they find their equipment.
And the holy fire pours from them like relentles rain on the doomed heads of their doomed enemies, with las and frag and fire upon the terible heresy of the Red Cages.
The Burners of Coscarla make their way into the festive frenzy streets of Xicarph, their faith strong and their will untamed. And many foe await, hidden beneath the masks….


Gogor Gogor

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