The Heresy Burners

The Denied Homecoming

“In darkness, Faith burns like a torch. With it, set fire to your enemies.”


Through the heavy blocades of the heretical cults, the Inquisitors burn and blast. The frozen prison-fortress of Mara is now deserted. Inquisitor Zuriel detects the taint of the Warp on the spot. They proceed carefully.

It seems that they are not alone on this frozen, Emperor-forsaken hell. Apart from heretical activity, they also detect the notorious Tyrantine Cabal Strike squad, a radical team of Inquisitors. As they search the abandoned rooms, forces of Chaos leave their trail. Bodies are scattered and heretical symbols surround them.


They run into a skirmish with heretics, vanquishing them, only to be attacked by a diabolical Dybuk Render, a creature so savage and violent that only the steady effort of las, bolt and plasma can destroy. Yet, for each creature they drop, another appears. Fear not – The Burners of Coscarla stand strong and victorious.


Depths of the frozen station reveal a disturbance in the time / matter continuum. The bodies. The daemonic presence. The unholy mechanical machinations of the heretic, Haarlock! There is a pattern to it, as they reveal – to find the Blind Tesseract, the unholy passageway opened by decadent Haarlock, they must possess the Key to open that forbidden lock. Inquisitor Baron smiles, as he holds that Key in his grasp.

Travelling downwards they meet a lost soul, an apparition of his former self. This is the deranged Guide, who will guide them on their accursed path – Haarlock’s own navigator, once a man, and now a wretch that calls himself Nostromo. The clearly insane hermit explains to them the threefold puzzle of opening Haarlock’s passageway: they must possess a Key, be in the company of the Guide, and have a Map that will show them the way in the darkness.


They proceed into the dangerous corridors of Warp-tainted death, to find the radical Inquisitors waiting. They are after the same secrets, and the two teams strike an uneasy pact to free this place of heretical decay. Engaging in battle against heretics and dybuk renders, they quickly turn on each other in a savage fratricide that can have only one survivor. Fear not – The Burners of Coscarla stand strong and victorious.

Now, with all three mysterious artefacts in their possession, and guided by a lunatic, they descend into the darkness, beyond the veils of time and space, into the Blind Tesseract. As the darkness swallows them whole, Inquisitor Captain Kruger charges his weapon. Blood is sure to flow, in this space and time, or in the other.


In the dead center of the Tesseract, they find an observatory with a strange and complex machine. A foul creation of the heretic Haarlock, the machine contains a soul of his kin, and is now programmed to open the portal through courses of time and depths of space, ones which our Inquisitors never fear to thread.


As they pass, they see the past, that reveals the pitiful fall of Haarlock. They witness the demise of Haarlock’s own closest kin, his wife and only child. The relentless powersword of an assassin slays them, and young Haarlock appears there to hold them in his arms, losing his soul and sanity.

As they pass, they see the possible future: Haarlock is gone, and the Imperium turns on itself, destroying and rending itself appart by different hands of the same body. In such a wounded state, Scintilla is attacked by forces of Xenos scum, who now pick the meat from the remains of humanity’s bones. Yet fear not – The Burners of Coscarla stand victorious.

As they pass, they see a possibility: if they fail, the devil Haarlock returns and leads the greatest Warp assault on the Imperium, taking over all that is holy and just. Sinophia Magna falls. Once their allies – devout servants of the Golden Throne – suffer gruesome fates as they are turned violently to mutated abominations. Yet fear not – The Burners of Coscarla stand strong.

The final portal they pass, to find themselves on the world of Dusk, witnessing the Sun’s eclipse by the Warp Tyrant star Koronus. They are met by a Warp entity that calls itself the Hag, and they make a choice and sacrifice – still unyielding in faith in the Holy Emperor.


It is here where the abysall Haarlock wants to emerge to the material realm.
It is here, where he had built a structure in an unholy shape that would bring him back.
It is here, where the strength and cunning of our Inquisitorial regiment, the brave souls known as The Burners of Coscarla make their final stand and thwart the morbid plans of traitorous Haarlock.

A tactically deployed explosive is set, even as Haarlock’s figure starts to appear from the mists of the Warp. The team retreats, running for their very lives, running for the lives of mankind, for the Imperium itself. And the charges go off, setting the scene ablaze with the holy fire of Emperor’s righteous wrath. All is gone: the portal, the Hag, and with it, the threat of Haarlock.

But what of those who fought this battle?
What of the brave soldier, and the stalwart priest?
What became of the silent assasin, the mechanical adept and the disciplined psyker?

Above the smoldering blue grass of Dusk, they rise.
Behind the scorched debris and the scent of burning, they rise.
Unified, unbeaten, vigilant and sworn to protect the Imperium of Man.


Fear not – The Burners of Coscarla
stand strong and victorious!


Gogor GoranB

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