The Heresy Burners

The burning of Coscarla

the purification

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Imperium.

After the first contact with those terrible creatures, those body – snatchers, Ulth succeeds in pulling one broken body with him to the sanctuary of the Templum. The steady las sniper barrage of Bolo and flames of Baron’s flamethrower knock back the first attack of the ghastly un-men heretics. Avast, Ulth is wounded by the creatures hypo-needle weapon, and falls in convulsions and paralysis. Many stimms are needed to stabilise him, yet he survives.

Now, with heretical proof secured, the group awaits for the morning, just to find the Templum surrounded by the terror shock-troops of the local “Arbitrator police force”. With help of Fayban, they hide the heretical remains, and induct a parlay with the local police force. Shortly after, they are escorted to be locked down in the station, regarding the “Preliminary interrogation”.

Bolo discovers this to be nothing more than a plot to butcher them all in means surely heretical. In the cell, they find a new strange ally, a grim and grunty featured man by the name of Zuriel. After a long conversation and exchange of heavily cyphered language, Zuriel confirms that he is, too, an Inquisition adept employed on a secret mission. Together, they form a plan to break free out of heir prison, and take down as many heretics as possible.

After retrieving their equipment, the blazing strength of Emperor’s fury fills the rooms with screams and smell of burnt flesh. Inquisitors wage war on the remaining local Arbitrator" forces, now proven heretics. By las and frag, by flames of their faith. In the Emperor’s name, they let none live. Zuriels nature becomes revealed, as he shows his skull, branded with the holy mark of the Sanctified Scholastica Psychana. They rend the heretical nest of conspiracy to the ground, returning to the Templum. They are known by the trail of ash and cinder. None dare to stand in their way.

They fortify themselves inside the Templum, getting ready for the next wave of the heretical retribution, yet the Coscarla falls silent. In it’s streets, nothing.

First, the smell of burning.
Then the smell of chemicals.

Father Fayban starts to weep and wail, preaching of the oncoming doom.
“The plague is coming.” he moans in anguish “and the dead will rise to feed on our flesh. Only the angels of the lord Emperor can save us now. May our deaths be brief in the fire.”

The streets start filling with twitching bodies of what used to be the peoples of Coscarla. Their eyes bleeding, their limbs shuddering, they move in to feast on the last living, ever so close to the Templum.
The necroplague has spread.
Un-human hunger comes to feed on the living.

Inquisitors face the masses with the steady fire of their weapons, purging the darkness by flame and unyielding faith. Emperor protects! They climb onto the transporter and make their way to the subrail station, the only entrance and exit to this plague ridden hell.

And a dark cargo subrail arrives to greet them.
Aquillas and inquisitorial emblems decorate it.
Zuriel shudders.
The Angels have arrived.

The massive doors open and the sheer force of the hulking Death Watch Space Marines stuns the sight. The tech-priest scrutinises Bolo, Ulth, Baton and Zuriel. Then instructs them to enter the train’s decontamination chamber, and ride back.

As they are to depart, the mechanical coarse voice of the Black Guard’s Chaplain rings in their ears clearly: “Do not look back.”



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