The Heresy Burners

Storm over Sinophia

If you gaze into the abyss, save the last bullet for yourself.

Ending the hersy on Xicarph, the “Coscarla burners” inquisitorial team get full support from their overseer Interrogator Sand, and are sent to the suspicious world of Sinophia. In the main city, the ever gloom covered Sinophia magna, they find the traces of Haarlock’s legacy: a dark past involving violent purges and a single structure that still stands: Haarlock’s Folly, tower only recently taken over by the local Arbites Astartes force as their new base.


Sourly greeted by the town’s appointed percint martial Skarmen, a man hounted by some form of rapidly growing skin disease, most of their info comes from the young Arbites Adjutant Fihad Constantine, a faithful servant of the Throne.

Constantine   vp corbella

The young adjutant informs them of the sorry state the planet is in: Arbites forces are few, and the main power structure reigning over Sinophia is involved in constant scheming which could turn to civil war any day now. The main power play is led between the Nouble Houses, an obsolete group of once renown rogue trader glory, backed up by the planetary’s PDF comander Xabius ( a brutal man on a path of personal powermongering).

744 realsize

On the other side, the constant workings of the planetary crime syndicate known as the Undertow is working to sieze all trading and transport routes on the planet. They are controled by the dark lords that go by the name of Rat Kings: Tiber, Hesul and Scorn.

996 realsize

Inquisitor team goes to work hastily, interrogating and interviewing all the prominent characters in Sinophia Magna, and they are involved in series of frays, cover ups and schemes. By the involment of the teams military leader inquisitor Kruger, they stop the possible destruction of the town’s core, a battle between the angry masses of Sinophia, rising up in revolt against nobles and Rat Kings alike.

Under the scroutony of inquisitor Bolo’s unwavering gaze, a secret plot is revealed that discovers the comander Xabius’es plan to execute the noble representative and pin it on the Undertow criminal syndicate, assuring that the nobles call him for help against this act of agression. His best laid plans are spoiled by the “Burners”, so he turns to vengance, trying to execute the sole survivor witnesses of his diabolical scheme.He launches an undercover attack on the Inquisitorial transport.

Clearly, he was not aware of the implications his actions would bring.

This heretical provocation does not go ununished, for the Inquisitorial Chimera transport is as deadly in the hands of “Burners” as any las, melta or flame weapon. Pulverization of heretics proceeds. None stand in the way of Empror’s light.


Gogor Gogor

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