The Heresy Burners

Broken tower, Shattered Mirror

Following up on trails they have picked up, inquisitors learn rhat there is a larger game being played in the bacground of the oncoming Sinophian civil war. Haarlock’s folly hides a heretical taint, and under the jurisdiction of Inquisition, rev.Baron marks the sickened percint martial Skarmen into custody until further notice, while ever vigilant inquisitor imerial psycher Zuriel discovers a familiar foulness of warp dabbling both in the highest reach of the tower and in the lowest basement, where the arbites force placed the morgue. It sems that the malevolent hidden room in the top tower of Haarlock’s folly hides an inactive (…?) “warp black mirror”, similar to the ones they have seen on Quaddis.

Death of sinophia magna final styli

A series of bizzare deaths make the people of Sinophia Magna edgy, and the recent conflict and open firefight between the local PDF and the Inquisitorial squad send the masses to rioting frenzy. The looting and burning starts.

“Finally, some action. Let’s get to work.” – Commander Ulth “the Skull” Kruger, concerning civil warfare

When trying to confront he trecherous planetary‚Äôs PDF comander Xabius, they discover foul play has led to his murder by the hands of the warp animated corpses that now roam the streets. As if this isn’t enough, the Inquisition sends in a “cleaning team” to wrap things up and cut this rioting in the bud The terible Tenebrae Collegium Kill Team Cell 17 makes planetfall.

Post 89322 1268222373

Now, racing time and hurying to aid their newly gained comrade Fihad Constantine, the Burners of Coscarla rush to the brutal firefight under the Haarlock’s folly – where inquisitor imerial psycher Zuriel escaped near death and discovered the true heretic behind this scheme: the sick manipulator percint martial Skarmen, under the power of the warp mirror daemon.

As they bravely plow and rend through the undying flesh of warp spawned necrotic monsters, they rush to destroy the Haarlock’s wretched legacy.

“Perhaps I can help you with this, comrades.” answers a rasping voice, as the figure on the door rises. “My name is Inquisitor Hellos of Tenebrae Collegium, and I have a number of Leman Russ tanks aiming at this tower as we speak. I ask of you to come with me, so we can end this heresy now and for all time.” Gladly, the inquisitors join him. Under one condition.

For the first time, The Burners of Coscarla gather for a group picture, illuminated by the devastation of the falling tower and tank barages behind them.

A smile on each face, and faith in the Emperor.


Gogor Gogor

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